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Rank up conundrum

After over two years of playing I finally got 4* Starlord, and I should be able to dupe him in January.
Just recently drew 4* Nebula and today a 4* Dr. Voodoo and last week drew a 5* Dormammu.

I have 7 cats, and will be able to get a couple more by the time I go for duping Starlord

I guess the question is - how good is unduped Dr. V? Is he worth taking to R4 right away, or try taking the 5* Dorm up to R3? And I already have a 4/40 unduped Ghost Rider.
Also, until he's duped is Nebula or Yondu better than SL?

Right now I'm leaning towards SL and Dr V and Nebula can wait, then I've also got CB, CapWW2, and maybe HE and Guilly that I want to take to R4, but I think those can wait longer.

Thoughts please


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