UPDATE: A new Hotfix (v32.2.3) is now being released to address this issue. Please keep an eye on your App Store for this update to address the below issue.

We are currently experiencing an Error when Summoners view a Champion’s Synergies while in the Champion Selection screen in Arenas and Duels. We are aware of this issue and are working on a Hotfix to address it. In the meantime, please avoid using the synergy menu to prevent this error and crash. We apologize for this inconvenience. Updates will be posted here: https://forums.playcontestofchampions.com/en/discussion/293506/error-when-looking-at-synergies-from-champion-selection-screen

Is something off with dash back and parry?

Seems dash back is delayed slightly. And parry is parry.


  • ViciousJViciousJ Posts: 256
    These two issues are frequent these days
  • Darkstar4387Darkstar4387 Posts: 2,145 ★★★
    Yea and it's been that way for awhile on and off, seems like most of the time it's confined to aq and aw for me which makes combat frustrating to me since there's also some other issues that are going on in addition to this one.

    I wish they would take a hard look at it instead of saying it's "being investigated" or being fixed or "had been fixed" when it's clearly not.

    Just how long will it be for them to get the gamplay and the stability back up to where it was before 12.0.
  • SomeoneElseSomeoneElse Posts: 424 ★★★
    Yes. Very off. For a long time.
  • DdinhamDdinham Posts: 15
    edited December 2017
    Had problems today with perry, and block, even not letting me do specials.... Lots resources being used in AQ.
    Please help me out guys on this
  • BonoBono Posts: 9
    The only problem with these is that the “Halls of healing” is going on right now. Parry and dash back are not working right cause they want us to have to use the items we get from this event, so that we’ll be out as fast as we get them. Then we’ll be forced to buy them as usual.
  • BDLHBDLH Posts: 148
    3 years into this and the timing is still off on dash and parry/block - multiple other allies reporting being hit through blocking a combo and just happened to me multiple times in a row. Good thing it's in tier 3 already so 1 accidental death won't cost anything but just embarrassing that not a single patch can come out without things being broken.

    Was on last GP almost to Dorm with 3 almost full champs still so it made no impact but if the parry timing is off and first hit is a block, over and over she is going block-block-hit-hit-hit as if you stopped blocking mid combo. The messed up thing is this is NOT CONSISTENT and you may go through 10 more perfect AQ/AW fights then it'll happen again.

    And it's happening in war too and apparently to both sides unless our trash diversity/synergy champs somehow got buffed. At tier 2 and guys are dying to our Karnak on a trash node. Chances of bad player at decent tier vs bad Kabam coding, I'd bet on the bad coding.
  • BDLHBDLH Posts: 148
    We JUST got a compensation package for "multiple issues in AQ" causing more item use, and guess what we still have "multiple issues."
  • ZiviorZivior Posts: 7
    I've had to waste so much devices on taskmastee because my champions just wouldn't block I held it doen bit nothing happened
  • CuteshelfCuteshelf Posts: 747 ★★★
    Zivior wrote: »
    I've had to waste so much devices on taskmastee because my champions just wouldn't block I held it doen bit nothing happened

    Taskmaster becomes unblockable at 25% and below (master).
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