My Criticisms and Suggestions for Player Appreciation Month and Future Plans

EbbtideEbbtide Posts: 292 ★★
The first issue with the Appreciation Month is that it's broken into weeks. To really appreciate the players, it should be all of the these things for the whole month. It's odd and irregular to isolate some bonuses to select weeks, and divide the values to how much you appreciate us one week to the next.

There are other issues with the appreciation. XP boost is useless to much of your active audience. XP boosts are already in supply in Solo Crystals, and are of no use to those who are at level 60. For too long players have asked to have the level increased with appropriately scaled rewards for those higher levels. I have previously suggested even allowing us to Reset/Restart our level, like a Prestige system seen in other games. This allows the players the option to replay through their player level, re-earning the same rewards, and even losing masteries, making content challenging again and relying on building back up to level 60. Each Rebirth should get greater rewards, like Tier 4 basic and class catalysts, Tier 2 Alphas, or even additional Mastery Points for each reset. The effort for replaying the game should be recognized, and even displayed, as the recently introduced title setup could be used to offer titles in reference to the Marvel Comics, like "Rebirth" (from Phoenix), "All New, All Different" (Marvel's New Run on Comics), "The Mighty" (From Thor(s) and Captain Marvel), "Inhuman" (from the obvious), etc... The potential restart times are endless, and allow the player the option to decide to restart or not. No pressure to do so, but the rewards of it are worthy if they so choose.

The above would not require new maps, new fighters, or new extensive content design, and would have allowed players at the top to have more to do within the game, while also using stockpiled items that have no value to them. It would have shown effort and appreciation from the company to recognize that those at the peak are at a non progression stage, and offers them a new but familiar experience. But things like this are completely ignored.

New changes could also be applied to Awakening Stones, as the surplus of them for players who have Awakened their 2 and 3-stars is useless. If they could be sold for a scale that allows every 5 sold to form one for the next star-rank, that would make them more valuable. So something like for every 5 2-star Class Awakening Gems sold it would form a 3-star Class Awakening Gem of that class, and then for 5 of the 3-star Class Awakening Gem sold it would form a 4-star Class Awakening Gem, onto the selling of 5 4-star Awakening Gems would form a 5-star Awakening Gem. This would give use to the minor gems, while also letting players Awaken their 5-star fighters, which are harder to come by and are now less likely to be obtained as the 5-star Basic Crystal Roster has now been expanded. The same could be done with Signature Stones being up-converted to for the star-rank above with every 3 making 1 for the level above in a similar fashion to the suggestion to Awakening Gems. This would show more appreciation to players, instead of giving them items that many will not be able to use.

Another issue is in a later week of Appreciation Month is that there will be a 10% boost to health and damage. This will make Alliance War a nightmare. Unavoidable damage from Limbo and Coldsnap will now do 10% extra damage (and is this before or after the applied node boosts?). This is clearly a well intended idea, and one the community would appreciate, but it creates a massive imbalance in a competitive game mode. Limbo and Coldsnap attack damage scale to the nodes and boosts they gain. Unfair design gets worse, and the player experience is hindered. I have no doubt that the ability to have 10% more health and attack damage will be appreciated in Quests and Alliance Quest, but in Alliance War it will be a drain. Spider-Man and Nightcrawler's evading punches will also destroy attackers with 10% more effectiveness. Hopefully this is limited in how it works, as to not make Alliance War fights more overwhelming.

Limbo with Mystic Dispersion dominates the Alliance War. Repeatedly, many in the community have asked for Limbo to be changed, countered or redesigned, and posts like these are ignored by Kabam. It makes a fighting game boring when damage is completely unavoidable, where a needed mastery like Dexterity actually costs a player, where you're forced to either Evade and cause a repeat buff (and your skill as a player is actually detrimental) or take the hit while blocking and still take damage (worse now from recent updates adding things like Challenger Rating). Parry and Pacify are a maybe option to Limbo, but Parry isn't reliable in Alliance War. Frame-rate and latency make consistent timing hard to do.

The new announcement of the revive (just one?) being added feels like a disservice to the community. Alliance Quest Crystals previously gave Alliance Heals and Revives. Then the pursuit of Tier 4 Catalysts took priority and Kabam made the higher Map Crystals issue full catalyst or shards. This seemed deceptively beneficial at first, until prominent issues made Alliance Quest too difficult. Hits not landing, frame-rate issues, and now, in the 12.0 design, AI recover too fast; lengthy specials can now be blocked by the AI (like Loki's Special 2), the enemy AI can flow from combo to combo in some instances, meaning a player has to either take hits or block and still lose health due to Challenger Rating and other designs that were brought in with 12.0, and even well timed Parries still result in KOs that minor health revives offer. One of the appeals of the Glory Store was that it offered the option to buy Tier 4 Basic Catalysts and Class Shards, which are in short supply of the amount many would like to have at this late into the game. Now players are sacrificing gaining an item needed for Ranking to make their rosters stronger because of design issues and glitches. Map Crystals would be better if updated to offer 3 rewards; the standard 2 catalyst option, and a 3rd addition of health or revive items. The size of the health and revive items should scale with the Map Crystal.

Programming and mathematics are inconsistent. Cable can bleed and not cause degeneration all of the time (fight him with Black Panther to see this). X-Force Deadpool bleeds on every other hit, not 100% of attacks. Juggernaut still causes double Unstoppables, negating a stagger debuff if only 1 is applied. Masterminds Synergy for Loki seems to have zero effect. Critical hits seem inconsistent, and flat rates don't tell us much of any information relating to characters and setups. It would be great to see in detail the added benefit to Synergies and Masteries in our stats and info.


  • Jh_DezJh_Dez Posts: 1,269 ★★★
    Wow this is beautiful
    Great job ebbtide
    I love all these ideas and I pray kabam listens for once
    Don't think you've wasted your time writing this
    I'm sure people reading your post would love it also
    Great job again
  • Noob_2yrsNoob_2yrs Posts: 67
    edited June 2017
    Along with limbo/coldsnap, there is D'Mamu degen ;)
    Great idea's and so much can be done.
  • AnewguyAnewguy Posts: 16
    I like most of the ideas, but instead of changing champs to make them weaker I would rather see all class based masteries go away. There is a large disparity between all of them. Until they can make the other class based masteries as effective, they should remove them. Another option could be to remove masteries from AW. I would rather see a change like this than have champs made weaker. Kabam should work on updating champs to the current standards rather than giving them the DS treatment. However, I really like the idea of being able to reset back to 0 and work up with a better rewards system in place. XP boosts do nothing for a large group of players.
  • N8PN8P Posts: 19
    What about combining "repeat" champs into one, i.e. the 2 Cyclops' and the 2 Deadpools.

    Once both are obtained, treat them like the same character with a switch to change "costumes" and abilities.
    Then when you pull another dupe of either, it would increase the sig level of the "combined" champ.

    You could add another stat boost when this happens. There are lots of options you could do with this.

    Me personally, I don't want to have to level and rank up 2 Magnetos. Just combine them and let me choose on the fly, which I want.
  • MavRCK_MavRCK_ Posts: 385 ★★
    Change all potions - AQ and Questing - healing and revives - to be % based than flat values.

    Thank you.
  • Star_Lord_Star_Lord_ Posts: 528 ★★★
    Suggestion: appreciate the veterans also! No veteran needs XP, we are all at level 60. We do not need tier 1&2 cats, and scrap deals do nothing for us. How about awakening gems? tier 2 alphas, 5 star shards? Everything so far has been geared toward the new players.
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