T2A Limit

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Please consider raising the available stash of t2a from 12 to 14. A player should not be forced to r4 a champ in order to avoid expiring t2a while waiting for a champ to r5. In this scenario, one would drop from 12 to 8 t2a, and then would need to get two more t2a to get to 10 in order to r5 a new champ. If the amount we can hold is 14, this scenario is avoided. A player shouldn't be punished for taking a 5* champ to r4 while waiting for a good champ to r5.


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    R5 of a 5* takes 6 t2a, you should be fine.
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    I have 4 t2a in stash. Standing on brink on LOL exploration and that would give me 8. 5.4 will give me 6 more. Don’t have any good champ to r4. And not the elite champs that I want for r5. My t2a will expire unless I take an undesired champ up.

    Raising the inventory limit will help me
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    NiteAndDae wrote: »
    R5 of a 5* takes 6 t2a, you should be fine.

    That misses the point and assumes the champ you will r5 is already at r4. To take a new champ from r1 to r5 takes 10 t2a. So if I have 12 t2a and one in the stash that might expire, I am forced to take a champ to r4 or risk losing a t2a. That then would take me down to 8 or 9 t2a, and then if I pull the champ I want to r5, I have to wait for one or two more t2a (which is the most rare resource). That doesn't seem to make much sense.
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