Urgent Attn Required: champs locked in yesterday's AQ

After starting Map 5 day 4 twelve hours ago, 2 of our BG have been unable to join AQ. One has his champs locked into yesterday's AQ and can only spectate today.
1. IGN: Christ on acid.
Ticket # 04357955

2. The second player joined, but he is shown to have zero champs and cannot fight.
IGN: Jctheholy

This has really hampered our chances at finishing, and none of our tickets have been responded to.


  • NinexblueNinexblue Posts: 27
    As expected, support has been no help at all. Told me to restart the app.

    Anyone available to sort this out?
  • NinexblueNinexblue Posts: 27
    This is our other glitch. 2/10 members with glitches preventing them to join AQ.

    Any moderators able to escalate this? Support has done nothing.
  • Rdnck1Rdnck1 Posts: 11
    I'm currently having the same problem. I started the AQ as soon as it was available was the first to join and it showed I have zero champs in AQ though I am locked in and can not rejoin. Now 14hrs in and haven't even gotten a response from support yet. I've tried closing, uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing.
  • TensioTensio Posts: 154
    Same here with our IGN: Ivylab
    Can not join aq and no response for kabam
  • Kabam WolfKabam Wolf Posts: 1,277 ★★★
    Hey everyone. I'm really sorry that you're all having different issues getting back into the AQ after the connection issues yesterday. Our team was able to look into these issues, and the Customer Support team should be able to try and remove the active teams that are stuck if you write back to them. Thanks so much for your patience!
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