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R4 5* duped Iceman or 5* duped Voodoo?

I currently have a R4 5* Magik and Hawkeye.

I can R4 a duped 5* Iceman or A duped Voodoo.

Currently I use Iceman for AW and Quests and Voodoo for AQ.

Thoughts on which to R4?


  • SungjSungj Posts: 2,032 ★★★★★
    Definitely bring both up eventually but I'd go with Iceman first. Dr.Voodoo is great for sustainability and power control but magik can do a lot of that as well so Iceman will do more for your roster
  • DV for prestige, if you already have a dual immune champ
  • vinniegainzvinniegainz Posts: 895 ★★★
    Wow what a tough choice, but congrats on having to make this choice.

    Personally I would go with iceman just because I feel he has fewer counters, triple immune and really the only thing voodoo has him beat hands down is the healing (one might think power control, but ice armour is sort of a way to avoid worrying about power control).
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