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I just updated my mastery strength to rank 4 so my champs can add 12 points to their attack but it only went up 3 points on every champ why is that? vcnlf2tg9l6e.png


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    My Cap WWII attack was just 1399 before I use the mastery strength to add 12 more points to my attack,but as you can see
  • It doesn't add all those points every rank. Strength only goes up by that many points each rank.

    You are at 15 now. Next rank is 18. It doesn't add 18 to your strength next. It adds 3 to 15 to get you to 18. So your strength only goes up 3.

    Not a good mastery to spend mastery points in IMO
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    that sucks thanks
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    I haven't used that mastery since they first brought it out so I didn't remember about it.
  • i hate the mastery in general, it is like they want you to respec every now and then
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