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Special 3 vs Safeguard Buff

I've noticed that when fighting an enemy with safeguard your special 3 is counted as a single attack regardless of how many times your attack hits. Is this something new or is this a bug?


  • Pretty sure it's the norm for SP3s to be classed as one hit
  • AshburnAshburn Posts: 270
    It's like how iceman can take an L3 to the face even when it's a multiple hit move
  • Wubbie075Wubbie075 Posts: 561 ★★★
    edited December 2017
    LOVE Dormammu's SP2 with power burn/direct damage (if you built the charges) and power lock. I feel like his SP3 is only really useful in a very long fight, and I'd usually just want to go with multiple power locks anyway. Although if you can get to SP1 after doing the SP3 the nullify with degen when he's awakened is nice too but I rarely find myself in a position to do that.
  • SenorPantsSenorPants Posts: 101
    edited December 2017
    Doc Oc. He takes a lot of getting used to, but for long fights, he's exceptional, and the SP3 is key. For a regen champ, land a heal block, fire SP3 and they're locked for 15 seconds, which is usually enough time to get back to an sp1 so you can refresh the debuff for 15 seconds. Power gain champs? Land power lock, sp3, and lock 'em up for the rest of the fight. (Not saying he's great against safeguard, just calling out his unique sp3)
  • Special 3 are always counted as only 1 hit, even if the hit counter says otherwise
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