What should I do with my RDT?

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4* one I'll use to take down Luke Cage from rank 4 finally. Don't know what to do with my 5*s

What should I do with my RDT? 11 votes

Take down DD Netflix from rank 2 - already have a skill in my best team
Superman69nameplasViciousJNuckingfutsElitehunter 5 votes
Take down my duped Iron Fist from rank 2 - already have a mystic in my best team
Don't use it
SpinoExotigamusAnonymous346ShaheerFIazNexus_UY_Scutiasjbobby 6 votes


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    Don't use it
    Are your DD and Iron Fist both 5* ?
    If so, do not touch them, any 5* should at least be rank 2, if not 3, and used at least in arenas.
    Unless you want to up a better champion, but you will have to get them back to rank 2 someday in the future.

    I think I won't use my 5* rank down myself, I love my three rank 4's and a rank 4 would be the only kind of champions I would use a RDT on.
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    I’d rank 2 all of your 5*.

    Better for arena and the mats aren’t hard to get.

    R3 and above you need to start thinking about it more.

    I’d only rank them down if you’ve got a better champ you want to rank now. Otherwise I’d wait. You’ll save the gold and ISO you spent ranking it if you wait.

    Both DD Netflix and Ironfist aren’t terrible champs if they are the only 5* you have.
  • Don't use it
    let them expire
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