Is parry bugged?

I'm having some trouble with the parry at the begging of the fight. The parry not only does not trigger but it doesn't block either so I get hit by a combo. It happens quite often so I'm not sure if my touch screen is having problems or else. It also happen during the fight to get hit while I should have parried. Is anybody else having problems?


  • Of course we experience this too trust me but this just needs a couple more months to be finally fixed as do all bugs that occur.
  • Yes dude same problem here also the game slows down while doing certain combos and sometimes the opponent's heavy attack happens so quick that it is impossible to evade it.The bugs should be fixed ASAP.
  • Working fine for me?
  • Yeah I've been having issues with it and so have other people as well, I've made a thread about it and so has other people

    It would say parry in green but wouldn't stun the enemy occasionally for the beginning of the fight then go back to working afterwards.
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