About Hulk evading specials

I have noticed that because of Hulk's wider step back (I suppose) opponents are less prone on using specials so it sometimes leads to a real struggle on making opponents using their specials.


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    And also his own special if you end a combo with a swipe and do your first special it takes too long and they just block it.
  • Don’t even start with this nonsense!

    They have shortened our dash back and out dash back window. We don’t need it any shorter.

    As for not being able to bare the AI special... all has to do with who you are facing, where you are on the screen. Some specials require distance, some require side by side

    Yes, it's true that it depends on who you're facing (Cyclops for example) but I've used Hulk on every MODOK's Lab and against opponents with short range specials it becomes a bit of a issue, I usually hit the block and wait an instant longer with guard down before I swipe back to bait their specials but it doesn't always work. For example I was facing Guillotine few minutes ago in the Lab and I was really struggling on make her use her special attack, I've spent more time baiting the special than fighting her properly.
    Anyway I'm not suggesting on make the distance shorter, we are still having problems on evading since 12.0 because of the bad space management between the fighters (Mordo, Rogue, Voodoo, Iceman and others have more problems than others).
  • is sp3 activated in modoks lab?
  • Yes, it is.
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