How to fix the problem

So lately I have been reading about the forum mode and dev team trying to figure out how to compensate everyone case by case. And honestly this is stupid. Why you ask well it affects everyone. Didn't matter the device we all played with a flawed game. The months without bug fixes waiting for the update hoping its fixed and again not fixed and connection issues arena late aw holding people's champs hostage and tons of other things going massively wrong.

Instead of trying to decipher each account you should just do this. Ever since 12.0 champs are just either the same slightly better or worse. Iron fist got the worst of this and bw to an extent as well since her crit doesn't go any higher due to dr. (Which I feel shouldn't effect certain things)so you should imo give rank down tickets for champs that don't work as intended and have nothing being fixed. It's a load of bs I want my cats back and I want my damn t4cc back as well for broken content.

Also pure skill just refund them for the love of god. Seriously your either fixing it now or your not doing anything compensate them for buying it. Weather you fix it or not now is irrelevant.

The aq problem can be solved with literally just giving everyone a few revives and pots. I would say five of each. Bam you fixed the months bugs and compensated for aq being faulty. Keep aq timers at 30mins or remove them it doesn't make it harder or doesn't make us not finish it. Anyone in map 5 will finish it if possible. A timer won't stop us from doing that. Anyways the glory Store this was the biggest slap in the face. I am disgusted by the revive you add. I mean really 260 glory gets me 6k health pots and 260 glory gets me a 360hp team revive? Does this even make sense? Let me spell it out code you n...o. It's not worth it. You need to up it to a relevant number. Otherwise you just added something nobody will ever use.

TBH the balks in your court dev team forum mods relay the info. We're not at all happy and we have been patient enough with all the bugs misguided information about dr cr or whatever info. Hello was even cool with you bringing in block penetration with yondu. But to put together this package was a slap to everyone who plays this games face. I'm not demanding a boycott even though I think you could learn another lesson from it. I'm just imploring you to actually sympathize with us yet again on numerous things wromg with this game. I love this game I have spent countless hours money etc. if you want us to remain happy and content and continue to enjoy being here instead of bashing you all game team included.juat listen to us. We know more about your game then you do. Remember kabam the customer is always right would go along way even if you don't. Sounds cliche but it would


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