5* undupe dr voodoo vs dup 4 star voodoo

Hi guys
I'm with a dilema... I rank up to r3 my undupe 5*voodo. He have a great attack but is to unreliable. I also have a dup 4 star voodoo at 4/40. He is great, but weak when he is under attack.
Should I rank down my 5* to use the resources to rank up my 4* to max?

Thanks for your help


  • Never rank down a 5* to rank up a 4*. Especially if it’s voodoo
  • Duped or unduped voodoo is a monster
  • JokepoolJokepool Posts: 227
    edited December 2017
    Tanks for the answers
    Im just having frustrating time with the 5* one, it is more hard to put the loas and the ☠, sometimes h e dont even turns nothing. Do you know if the oeven and ood work the same way?
    O also have a 5* undup ghostrider at r2
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