Guillotine or Magik to rank 5 and why

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So I have a 4* Guillotine 4/40, sig 99, that I use a lot, like her style of play, really have a fun time and great damage output, and
a 4* Magik 4/40, sig 20, that I also like to play, great utility and power control, I know she is good.
*I also have these options in the picture*
I will rank 5 them both, but for now who is first. Please I need some opinions and why

Guillotine or Magik to rank 5 and why 29 votes

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    My mystics in screenshot
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    Well, many people used magik for jeff glodblum's challenge for that dr strange and loki in the end. Power control champs have the most importance in current content of the game.
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    Magik, no contest. Her sp2 alone offers much more than Guillotine on the whole imo
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    Boboman wrote: »

    Thanks for the input but why? In your opinion
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    Magik is one of the top 10 5*s that are recommended to be ranked 5 as 5*. This already speaks a lot in and of itself.

    I have both 4* and 5* Magik duped and they are my top champs. 5* Magik in AW and 4* Magik in AQ. I honestly wouldn't have gotten the Uncollected Status if I didn't have 5* Magik at rank 4 unduped when I first became Uncollected. Much of end game content now requires power control champs.

    Guillotine is a good champ but is nowhere close to Magik in usefulness potential. I could do more with a 4* Magik R5 than a 5* Guillotine R4 duped.

    Loki has very specific use like final boss of Act 5, and a few other cases, but overall not worth it unless you are swimming in Mystic T4CCs.
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    Thank you guys for the input.
    Here is my little doll to play now

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