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War defense advice (Hela synergy)

Okay. I’ve wanted to do a war defense with hela since the day she came out. I think her synergy with Angela is ‘Hela’ good. But idk what to do from here. Almost everybody has blade which makes magik a **** defender. So my question is. Who would be the most pain in the butt defenders that regen 20% health (40% if on the right node) every time you think you’ll kill them? Should I still bring magik and iceman or should I consider changing to different champs? I’m looking for higher level opinions please. I’ve asked my alliance but a smart man seeks advice from all over. So a hela and Angela are two of five slots. I have three more to fill (no collosus and groot will not be used and if you think it’s a brag post don’t bother responding because it isn’t, I just want opinions on good champs to use instead of standard) x58dr5nwqn16.png


  • IMWeaselIMWeasel Posts: 80
    I had thor there because I though if he gets kills as a boss he’d also regen 10% health. But he’s **** so he probably would be oko’d
  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,883 ★★★★
    Mephisto might be a good one.
  • IMWeaselIMWeasel Posts: 80
    I was thinking mephisto too. Unfortunately he’s one I don’t own quite yet. But again you run into blade issues. Tbqh blade just ruins war defenses. Bleed immune non mystic non villain champs may be my best bet. Maybe Hyperion.
  • PrimeSaviour_27PrimeSaviour_27 Posts: 349 ★★★
    Do you have a screen shot of your champs?
  • AxeCopFireAxeCopFire Posts: 1,115 ★★★
    How about Hood, Dormammu and Mordo... every character will have 3 chances to revive (except Angela will only have 1)
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