There are often times when I will land a heavy or medium or light attack but nope, the opponent is INVINCIBLE and can not be attacked as they prepare for an sp1 or sp2.. What gives?

I feel as if the timing is off and I cleanly land these heavy, medium or light attacks but Nope, I've been KABAM'D and the opponent is INVINCIBLE before the sp1 or sp2 is started..

Wahhhhh :'( I guess I should just work out a new strategy when there is at least 1 bar of power..

Are there any plans to address this? Or am I just a novice summoner who needs to get rid of bad habits?


  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,062 ★★★
    When a champ uses a special, they can't be hit for the duration of the animation.
    If your opponent has a bar of power, I would advise either baiting specials, parrying, or only dashing in when they are holding block
  • TreyboneTreybone Posts: 25
    Thanks for the tip!
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