How jinxed can one be?

I am a player with rating close to 190 k. Never got any new heros but surely got war machine level 99 and netflix daredevil at 80. Wouldnt say dont have better champs, have got cappy ww2 unduped , wolverine duped gullotine unduped, thor i awakened using a gem. I never got any of the new champs apart from phoenix.

In a hope i might get to experience them i started a second account and formed an alliance. All the rookies who have joined me are opening up 4* champs at under level 10 from PHC. i have reached level 22 still no 4*. This account is used by my daughter. i feel ts cruel on kabams part to give certain people 4* twice a week "randomly" and other none or maybe once or twice a year.

Seriously am thinking of moving on and going to some other more logical game when it comes to awards. cant see my daughter saying why arent we getting 4*? shes just 8 and doesnt understand Kabam does what it wants:)
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