Another swing and a miss from an out of touch kabam

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These New Year offers are about a year too late, you completely ignore your player base. 80% of players are drowning in t4cc..... and for $100 and $50 it is a compete joke.


  • I agree with MrcMumble. I dont want to be rude but only worthy things in those offers are t2 alpha frags and t1 alphas. This is a really bad start to 2018. I wanted to spent some money on the game and support you but this aint happening with sh**ty offers like these.
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    It’s pretty much last year’s deal. Disappointed to see no T5B fragments anywhere.
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    Agree completely. Kabam is completely out of touch with its player base and the needs of the community. These offers are terrible.
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    MrcMumble wrote: »
    These New Year offers are about a year too late, you completely ignore your player base. 80% of players are drowning in t4cc..... and for $100 and $50 it is a compete joke.

    yerp, only offer i bought was the $10.00, solely for the 1 full t1a and 3 t1a's via shards over 30 days
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    no t5b at all
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    Seriously terrible deals!
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    They obviously don't play the game in any serious way so they don't know how to entice spending
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    Really got a lot of good stuff for free in dec. plus Jan calendar loaded with good stuff. Don’t know how people can complain and want t5 shard deal yeah we won’t see something like that for a long time
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    Not sure where you get the number to support the majority of players are drowning in t4cc from. Just looking at what it takes to drown in t4cc you need to be in a top 600 allaince or better which is 18,000 players. For 18,000 players to be 80% of the game the game needs to be comprised of ~22,000 players. I think the estimates are in the millions.
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    And shouldn’t
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    I agree out touch what players need to progress in the game. Disappointed again....These are duplicate deals with slight variations of the 2017 deal.... plz come up with something we have not previously seen or give the players a deal that we can all use to progress champs.
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    Yeah these deals are complete garbage, they LOVE to throw out of date content at us to try to get every penny they can from us. Why wouldn’t they give us 5*’s sig stones or anything 5*? Nobody wants 4* sig stones for $50 plus 1 t4c in a month lol I need the t1a, the 9.99 deal is the best for higher ranked players lol
  • Not sure the math on top alliances but these deals are garbage to say the least. Kabam dropped 4* awakening gems at $29.99 why not 5* at $49.99? With the amount of 5* practically given out in December it would seem to be a better offer or a select a class awakening at $99.99. I do appreciate the gifts in December though, thank you for that.
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    I love these offers! I really don't need to spend any more money on this game and these offers make it easy to save my money. Thanks Kabam!
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    @IceHeartBlack I think you are totally wrong lmfao I don’t spend any money a week and I’m in a top tier alliance 3ytzm8w25z6u.jpeg
    we get plenty of t4cc
  • I’m going to give my money to supercell instead
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    @IceHeartBlack lmfao and that’s exactly what the offers are t4cc the offers are trash but your calculations of money spent during a week is so wrong lol
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    Of course after they drain us of our units y'all really think they offer a unit deal 😂
  • If you do not like the offers, that's totally cool. You are in no way obligated to purchase anything you do not want, and not every offer is for everybody.

    Closing this thread down because there are other threads on the topic that are more constructive and mature.
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