Stole health

I had full health and didn't fight with rouge yet
And started a fight in war didn't get to the screen they run at each other realized I didn't use my boost and got out of game and can back to game with halve health, fix this for me please.


  • GwendolineGwendoline Posts: 945 ★★★
    This is intentional. It's like this to stop people from force closing the app when a fight goes bad and get a free do-over. It sucks when it happends when you're game closes with no fault of your own, but you closed it on purpose so that's the price you pay. Luckily it's Rogue and you can steal health back.
  • Mcord117Mcord117 Posts: 1,287 ★★★★
    Yeah I’m sorry but that that is the intentional. when war first started used to be able to enter the fight see who is on the other side of the screen then exit the game and then come back and adjust to you wanted to fight with. they did this in order for it to stop people from doing things like that
  • GillidafGillidaf Posts: 85
    No rouge died I tried that, think I'm not gong play anymore to many problem and when you get cheated its ok NO I'M DOME
  • Mcord117Mcord117 Posts: 1,287 ★★★★
    I agree there are too many bugs but once you click fight you can not force close app or you will lose half life. This is nothing new
  • DemonzfyreDemonzfyre Posts: 7,265 ★★★★★
    This has been around for ever. This is on you. Kabam won't help you at all. Just win the fight without boosts.
  • GwendolineGwendoline Posts: 945 ★★★
    Or don’t forget to boost up before.
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