Timer on AW

Dear kabam is it possible that the 30min timer could stay all the Time ?
The thing is that most People have a real live and work hard for Money that they maybe spend it in your Shop :) And for that reason a Lot of them gets in Trouble because they can Not come online to spend the 5/5 Energie

A Lot of this People gets Kicked out of the allis because of this reason and Quit playing

So maybe think about it the 30 min timer is Really good for all


  • Hey @Mike_B,

    This is something that we've discussed many times in the past, and the team has discussed internally quite a bit.

    At this time, we don't have any plans to change the timers to 30 minutes. There are a number of reasons for the this, but the most prevalent is the fact that the Alliance Quest mode is built for 60 minute timers, and the Alliance War mode is built for 90 minute timers. They were tuned very precisely for these timers.

    There are other reasons regarding how this affects a lot of different players, and causing undue stress for some, but the main factor is the way the mode is tuned.

    Because this thread will go off the rails very quickly, we're going to close it down.
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