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AW Rewards need to be revisited

AW rewards have been outdated for awhile now. Currently it's the main endgame content for high level players and alliances. I think it's definitely in Kabam's interest to push the rewards for AW since it will encourage players to have a reason to use items to win and will encourage top players to keep pushing to rank champions, as many have completed LoL or Act 5. Now it's not really worth spending much to win a war when winning or losing only differs by a few hundred 5* shards, and Uncollected difficulty gives 7500 alone.

My main suggestions:
- 1) For the higher tiers (at least tiers 1-3) AW should be the main source of 6* shards. This will keep the whales interested
- 2) Victory crystals need a massive overhaul and should be tied to AW Tier like AQ crystals are tied to maps.
- 3) For lower tiers (under tier 3), improve 4*/5* drops and remove 3* shards. Single player content gives more than enough 3* shards for newer players. At least giving the bottom tiers a small amount of 4* shards helps younger players to get the excitement of seeing them start to build a roster for the future only to see their hopes and dreams dashed when they pull Luke Cage. This helps them fully understand the true MCOC experience.


  • CoatHang3rCoatHang3r Posts: 4,781 ★★★★★
    There are currently no adjustments being made to the rewards in Alliance Wars, but a revamp is on our radar as we move closer to the release of new content and 6-Stars in the future.
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