Sparky cutoff prediction - basic arena



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    edited January 2018
    Awesome feedback guys. Keep those thoughts coming.

    I'll be streaming on youtube for both rounds if you want some background noise, come hang out. Might do a Spiderman art giveaway again.
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    the last time I grinded was for the featured crystal for the new year..I actually got a lil over 2 million in one day..was quite surprised overall as I finished or rather stopped at 10 million
  • No basic in new system has even been close not even half 15 mil. That is just ridiculous talk.
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    Kabam Wolf wrote: »
    Moving this to General since it isn't a bug.

    I respectfully disagree. These "what will the cutoff be" posts bug the **** out of me.
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    6-8 mill
  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 313 ★★
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    I get 250k for every r5 run, so 8 runs a day is 2M. Do some extras with r4 or arena boosts, and that’s how you hit 7M
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