+5k Prestige, recently retired from Top 15 team

Looking for a slower pace but still earn some t4cc every two weeks. Deep Roster, not big on Arena or AW offense (defense I kill) and prefer Map 5 but can handle Map 6. LOL run coming.

5* Spidey lvl 70
5* SL lvl 40
5* Cyclops, Storm & UC (virgin)

4* Mordo, Loki, Civil Warrior, Quake,Rocket, Ultron, Falcon, Black Panther CW, Hyperion, Magik, Crossbones, DS, SW, Thor, BW, Elektra, WW2 Cap, SL, Gamora, Wolverine & X23, Magento, Miles, Venom, VenomPool, WinterSoldier & Hulk.

I have Line, same name. I prefer you hit me up in game, please. Thanks for your time!


  • Hey there. Sent you a request in game. Alliance Tag - Quell. Top 300 alliance. Bi weekly T4c. No arena event minimum and no pressure to spend in AW.
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