Which science champ to rank up?

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I enjoy using both champs. Quake has a broad range of utilities and she's useful in AW as a Magik boss killer.

Hulk on the other hand has really good damage output and may help me in chapter 5.2.6 to become uncollected.

Not sure if i should r5 Quake, or r4 hulk...

Which science champ to rank up? 29 votes

4* 4/40 Quake Sig level 82
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4* 3/30 Hulk Sig level 20
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    Does anyone have any opinions on both champs?
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    4* 3/30 Hulk Sig level 20
    A month ago I would have said Hulk in a heartbeat; but then they fixed Quake so her Aftershock damage scaled properly...

    I have a team built around my 5/50 Hulk; with Juggernaut and Ronan providing critical rate synergies. I love Hulk's damage output; and in the hardest event quests, you can get a lot of damage done by reviving him above 25% health so as to get the most of his Hulk Smash. Use his SP1 and regular stuns; and just pour on the damage.

    On the other hand, Quake can also do awesome damage via aftershock; doesn't trigger mystic dispersion; and can be used to avoid triggering all sorts of regeneration and other effects via concussion. Her charging heavy damage isn't high; but can't be avoided or reduced, and doesn't trigger abilities at all. Her base damage is fairly high too.

    Hulk is too good not to R4; so I would definitely R4 Hulk for now; and then face this decision later when deciding who to use T4CC on for R5. It may come down to your other champions, and what synergies you have available - A lot more champions have synergies with Hulk than with Quake...
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    4* 4/40 Quake Sig level 82
    Dudes, look up “Quake God Mode” on YT
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