RttL 4.6 abom

Whododo872Whododo872 Posts: 1,042 ★★★
So, I don't have a max dupe black widow to take this guy down. What are my other effective options?

Would appreciate some help, been stuck on this one for a while


  • RotmgmoddyRotmgmoddy Posts: 916 ★★★
    Poison immune champ. I used my R4 vision.

    It's been a long time, so I don't know if there's any other special nodes on that guy. I only know he has nodes that enhance his poison abilities.
  • SaiyanSaiyan Posts: 727 ★★★★
    Pretty much any poison immune champ that also deals damage over time like Hyperion for example. His L1 can be spammed to cut through the safeguard. IceMan's cold snap, Dormammu's heavy could do some direct damage and if Degen kicks in also would do well, Ultron with some bleeds would help, Nebula and shock, etc I'm sure I missed a few.
  • Mwhitaker23Mwhitaker23 Posts: 332 ★★
    just take a poison immune champ and smack him around. hes not hard to fight just got to be patient. If you think he is rough just wait till you get to the stun immune venompool
  • Whododo872Whododo872 Posts: 1,042 ★★★
    Thanks for the tips, guys. Just finished 4.6. Feels good to be done with it!
  • HyperionHyperion Posts: 45
    I used Red Hulk, it was actually my favourite fight of that chapter.
  • JOHNOSA1995JOHNOSA1995 Posts: 536 ★★
    I was used BW but now can use nebula or Ultron
  • EdeuinkEdeuink Posts: 1,263 ★★★★
    Why did you necro this?
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