Need alliance that runs Map 5 but where I don't have to play AW please!

395k player loving Map 5 AQ and all other events (arena related... meh!) but just can't stand Kabam's AW muppetry!

Looking for 9 mil+ plus preferably that gets 100mil+ in AQ on Map 5 but runs 2 BG's for AW or has ZERO interest in AW.
Hit me up in game or on LINE my i.d is vandalhearts

All offers of a new home considered :)

Kind regards,

Herald of None


  • GotszbotGotszbot Posts: 140
    Hey man. We run 55544, everything an ally is basically. Donations expected(holy loyalty and chips) events etc. We don't stress arena combat or perfect series.
    Since aw is a concern here is our stuff - 3 aw. First aw(Wednesday-friday is mandatory). However, friday-monday we do 2 bgs and they're first come first serve

    Line I'd: gotszbot. We are 6.6m ally and need active skilled players for aq so we can run 5x5
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