"Ummm Can we get another set of Rank Down tickets?" Pt. 1

Well yeah. Not to be selfish but there are more champs I want to rank down (made some MISTAKES before lol). I mean 1 only for each tier? I know I'm not the only one with this dilemma. Maybe we can buy them in game via gold, units or etc in a small amount/ limited time?

Thank you!


  • You will get them when the champion you ranked up gets changed or nerfed
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    Be happy u got 1 at xmas..

    now live with it and move on..
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    So you want one every time you need a new champ at max rank, for a certain part of the game?

    There is supposed to be cause and effect and somewhat of a meta game when ranking champions. You choose who you think will benefit you in the long run, not at the moment.

    Also this is not a "I rank X champion and now I got the newest God tier so I need those cats to rank that champ up" mechanic.
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    If you give a mouse a cookie...
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    I don't really understand why rank ups are permanent in the first place. Whats so wrong with being allowed to rank down champs just in general? You may want to rank down a champ and it may not be due to a "mistake" either. Maybe you have a great champ you just get bored with or you had the champ as a 4* but now you have as a 5* and would like to replace the 4* with the 5*. This seems to be a hot topic for some, but I personally don't understand why Kabam makes rank downs impossible unless you have rank down tickets.
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    There used to be 3 threads a day on rank down tickets. This is the first in a week so that’s an improvement. People will always ask for rank down tickets, just flag and ignore
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    Well aren't you just a bundle of joy. 😂
  • I need more rank down tickets.
  • No more rank down tickets....
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