Could carnage's father also recieve a buff?

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Is venom also on the list to be looked at. I mean the only thing I like about him is his speed but that is about it. I mean there is a reason carnage is not that good right now I mean it must run in the family. Agent venom can do a lot of things so I dunno I would like to see him get another cool ability since it is better than just sitting there waiting for a bunch of buffs to activate which do not really do much. Just remember he does not have to be top priority just one to be considered. He just seems so non existent within the game.
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  • Bump sorry I just wanted to see of anyone else agrees?
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    Seriously who is calling me an idiot through tags? It is a suggestion. Instead of tagging my posts why don't you comment.
    @Kabam Miike Can this be sorted out?
  • Venom was my top 4* for a long time. I rarely use him anymore, but it's always fun to do things like take Iron Man's regen from him.
    A buff would be excellent, in my opinion.
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