Duel Event Needs Help

Hey Kabam. Can you guys look into revamping the duel event? I love the new changes your made and are making to the game. Can this event get an upgrade. I think for the past few yrs this event hasn't changed one bit. The rewards are horrible. The duels are a waste of time because you get the same points for fighting a weak 4star as you do a strong 5star.

My suggestion is to start giving phc and 4 and 5star shards for the event. Make the event a 3day event. And the stronger the champ, the more points you get. Just a suggestion. If anybody else have any ideas to make this event cool please comment. Thanks.


  • My only suggestion for rewards for this event and many similar events is to upgrade them for the uncollected. Change the phc to gmc shards and potentially revamp rank rewards to match current state of game
  • WhatRYouWhatRYou Posts: 443
    They should change the random duel targets to the newest champ added.
    Kabam can create a 2*, 3*, 4* and 5* version of the newest champ, attribute a point system based on the difficulty and update last reward milestone!
    This gives a chance for everyone to fight the newest champ based on their skills/alliance requirement and change up the duel event a bit!! This event has been around for the longest time, need to spice it up a bit!! MO
  • KaydanmoKaydanmo Posts: 37
    I agree with both post. I would love to duel a hard champ and get extra points to go towards better rewards for the Ally. Its time to update this event
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