Agent Venom Or Crossbones

I have a 4* CB and AV. I also have a 5*Av.
My 4*s are rank 3
My 5* is rank 1
My question is who is the better overall upgrade.
Get CB to rank 4 or Av 4 star to rank 4 or 5 star av to rank 2.
If yall could leave your thoughts on how you feel about the 2. Im looking for who will be the best overall for everything.


  • taojay1taojay1 Posts: 1,014
    In general I think Crossbones is slightly better than Agent Venom, but both have their uses. CB is good for ability accuracy reduction and he doesn't crit, super useful for rtl. Agent venom is good for passively reducing evasion and shrugging off debuffs, plus a very strong sp1 bleed. I would go with the 5* av, because if ur thinking long term it is better to invest in 5 stars. The only exception is if you don't already have a good ability accuracy reducer and you need it for story quest/rtl.
  • BahamutBahamut Posts: 2,066
    A month ago I would’ve said CB but since Void has been added to the game I’d say Venom. He’ll shrug off the majority of the debuffs that Void’ll cause which will make him much more manageable. That said, CB shouldn’t be overlooked and is better overall. He can reduce ability accuracy and deal ridiculous amounts of damage. But since competitive players are going to be tripping over themselves to get Void and put him on AWD you’re going to want a good counter
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