Both 5* unduped, who should go to R4

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I have both Hyperion and Archangel unduped and not sure which one to take to R4. Thanks in advance!

Both 5* unduped, who should go to R4 24 votes

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  • SpeedbumpSpeedbump Posts: 1,354 ★★★
    Both great champs! Kinda depends on what you need though. Cant say that you'll go wrong with either choice. My alt has Hyp at R3 and he is pretty nice, I still have yet to get an AA though. Neither need awakened to be good, but awakened AA would be my choice.
  • Unduped Hyperion is more useful to you. Poison immunity, regen, hits hard. But duped AA is among the very best in the game.
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    Both should be r4d. Hype will help you in more situations than AA in general (offense, defense) and there's far fewer cosmic champs worth r4ing than mutant champs so do hype first.
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