Rhino buff

I heard that RH and LC are getting buffed. I don't think the Red Hulk needs to be buffed compared to Rhino. Honestly, I want rhino to be buffed, he should have stun or unstoppable as his actual effect. Whino is a really good character and I think Kabam is degrading or lowering his actual performance by not giving him a good ability. Maybe even bleed and poison resistance since he has "Thick Polymer Suit." I dunno.


  • LmaoLmao Posts: 10
    I can understand Luke Cage but not the red hulk
  • LmaoLmao Posts: 10
    edited January 13
    Rather the red hulk doesn't need to be buffed
  • Very good this red hulk. Regeneration active and power up.
  • heruheru511heruheru511 Posts: 116
    IDK man, he was buffed about a year ago , i don't think that Kabam wants to make any changes with him anytime soon.
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