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Hey all! So last week I pulled 4* Voodoo. I was pretty happy and so I got him to 4/40 a couple of days ago. Then, the very next day I pulled 5* Voodoo. I got him to 1/25 because I was missing a T3CC to get him to 2/35. Anyways, today I managed to dupe my 4* Voodoo. So, who should I rank up? 4* Duped Voodoo to 5/50 or 5* Unduped Voodoo to 3/45? Thanks in advance!


Rank Up Advice 14 votes

5/50 4* Duped Voodoo
vg2782heruheru511GAM3RGUYDmack976637SharkPowerr99LittleYinYinKOBEElitehunterCaptain_2good 9 votes
3/45 5* Unduped Voodoo
buffajrSpeeds80nameplasBahamutnield04 5 votes


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