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Max of 10 debuff

I was fighting with nebula against a cupped crossbones. I built 20 charges of her electroshock and the enemy only got 10 shocks (yes, I know how cb passive work and he shrug off 3 debuff after) instead of the 20 it should have.

Also happened fighting with voodoo against a mordo mini boss in aw. The enemy had about 8 loas and about 5 furys. Used my sp1 in even combo with my duped voodoo and he converted only 10 poisons (but nullified all the buffs).

It definitely does not happen always as I'm able to put +30 poison in war machine at once or 20 shocks with nebula but, sometimes, seem like there is a cap.


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    AxeCopFireAxeCopFire Posts: 1,115 ★★★
    There is no cap. Crossbones has ability accuracy reduction from his furies.
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