LF Bosskiller - AQ Top 200/600 - AW Tier 1/2


We are currently looking for a very skilled player who can also put up a strong defense in AW. We currently run map 5x5 (top 600) and maps 65555 (top 200) when we get the chance. Our war rating fluctuates from 2100-1800, and currently play mostly in tier 2. We are aspiring to move into tier 1, hence the reason a strong defense is also needed.

Our requirements:
- Completion 10K
- Donations 134K gold, 32K BC, 13K loyalty

We hit all milestones for most events excluding arena. We are looking for a player with a prestige minimum of 5200. Will make exceptions for boss killers with insane defense. You must be able to provide screenshots of AQ scores if asked.

Please contact me via line: osteotome82



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