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Will u ever fix the game for samsung?

A samsung j7 user . Nd getting fed up with the game whenever i play the harder stuffs. 3 years into gane and i cant yet complete d rol bcause of lags. Evrytime i get those champs down below 50% hlth i get hit due to lags. Screen stops nd the i find myself getting hit.. parry nd evading issues r there in evry section. Fed up filing tickets without any response. This is my 3rd post in forums. I know u dont even care but i feel its time to leave finally as i feel so behind my frnds who progressed so much already


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    Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 287 ★★
    iPhone user here . And the game is equally enjoyable on this device as wel
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    CitizenBrainCitizenBrain Posts: 16
    The issue for me is the fact that i can overcome all of this games issues on a Samsung S8 and will never be able to get a legends tag because I happen to own a Samsung. There needs to be some adjustments there plz and thnx
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    CanarioCanario Posts: 167
    And LG too
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