Quake bug. [Not A Bug]

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Story quest 4.3.5. iPhone. Quakes evade isn’t working properly on Drax or the adaptoids while charging heavy. Either I get hit and no evasion while charging or she won’t evade and just throw the heavy attack. The first hit is supposed to miss on her while charging heavy. First hit hits and no evasion or she’ll throw the heavy while they try to hit her on the first hit.
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  • Is a known bug caused by Drax moveset that allows him to ignore certain game interactions.
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    Also if they have a boost of true strike she won’t evade.
  • She’s doing it agains ant man and Thor too. No evading whatsoever
  • And now abomination.
  • No true strike. She’s just not doing what she’s supposed to do. Funny how I’ve never had an issue with her and now I’ve been using her non stop for the last week and winning and now I’m having problems and she is getting wiped out. Great job kabam!!! You never cease to amaze me! I’m not spending money
  • Oh never mind. I see the true strike now on her for that chapter. Never mind.
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    Hey OP. I'm going to close out this thread since it's not a bug. Thanks!
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