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How would these champs be if (just for fun).

Alpha07Alpha07 Posts: 649 ★★
I know... these changes aren't original and logical. but how good would these guys be with the tweaks i will mention? lol.

Cyclops: 2x as powerful armor break, 3x the duration. 80% chance of activating.
Phoenix: Ability to evade when doing a heavy attack (the same one as Quake).
Abomination: Ability to poison when attacking his opponent.
Symbiote Spidey: 2x Armor Break on heavy. also give him 15% health increase.
Rocket Raccoon and Electro: Average health.
Gambit: 100% critical rate on SP2. chance to precision when hit his opponent and make his charges like Nebula's.
Deadpool xforce: get a 5% health regen anytime he reaches a power bar.
Gamora: her sig can trigger anytime instead of only one. also the chance of proc is 80%.
War Machine: empty the clip triggers anytime he loses 5% of his health. also when he reaches 15% he activates the Arc Overload.
Kamala Khan: when using her heavy, she can stack furies as fast as Mordo.
Captain Marvel: stackable furies.
Magneto: 100% ability accuracy reduction against any metal opponent. also 50% increased attack and health.
Colossus: Apply armor breaks anytime per hit. when these Armor breaks reach 3 these explode and the opponent loses 1% health automatically. also, per Armor up active on Colossus he increases his Special damage by 100%.
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