Character Suggestion: Mystique

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Abilities:Replicate, Regeneration.

Signature Ability: Trained Actress

Her replicate ability lasts X seconds longer. Additionally, she gains X% more power when attacking.

Passive: Mystique reduces the effectiveness and duration of debuffs by X%.

Sp2:Regenerate X% health based on opponent's stored power.

Sp3: Mystique replicates all the opponent's buffs, abilities and aesthetic features (not stats). Mystique can maintain this, as long as she's touching the opponent within 5 seconds. (Signature ability and all of Mystique's abilities are replaced once she enters this state.)

(p.s, the sp3 will not work against nodes in AW or the collector in act 5.2)


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    Mystique doesn't even have those powers. She can mimic her voice and appearance not powers.
    Example 1: she can look like wolverine, even have his claws somehow , but she doesn't actually have any kind of metal in her and doesn't regenerate.
    Example 2: she can look like megnito but she can't move metal with her mind.

    If anything she would act like a skill champ and be classified as a mutant and would have combat prowess from learning martial arts. Unique power of looking like a different champ without their powers is basically all she would have going for her
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