4 Star Stark

Hello fellow summoners...

Recently made a choice of not ranking a 4 star to rank 5, since 6 stars will now come into force.

I've acquired stark spidey, and even without ranking him up, he hits bloody hard. My spidey rank 1 took down storm 5* rank 4/55 in under 70 hits... that is simply insane.

i plan to take him to rank 4, and use my awakening gem on him.. but was wondering if he is worth taking upto rank 5? i much rather use if on a 5 star ( i have 5* star lord, unawakened and also a 4 star rank 4 star lord, awakened,) but its just making me think due to the high damage he gets so promptly. I'd regret it if i pulled a 5 star stark in the near future (v unlikely!) and t4cc are hard to come by - ive only accumulated 3 since i startedd 2 years ago...



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