Black Lotus is Recruiting


Black Lotus is one of the fastest growing alliances in MCOC

We are only two months old but are already a 3mil rating alliance. We are currently on a 16 match win streak in wars and are already in tier 12! Currently we are running AQ 43222 and progressing into harder maps weekly.

Black Lotus is an amazing blend of experienced veteran players and newer players that are excited about learning how to compete and grow as an alliance.

If you are looking for an adult alliance that takes the game seriously, but also realizes we all play games to have fun, then join Black Lotus today! It's a different gaming experience than you ever knew existed!

LINE is mandatory, add Trotster on the LINE app to apply!!!


  • Great clan to learn and grow!
  • This clan is always sharing ideas, tips, and tricks to make everyone better. They do a great job communicating and above all they have fun. Learn and enjoy the ride
  • VanicuttVanicutt Posts: 1
    Great leaders, good communication, excellent teamwork..the kind of people you expect to find on a team that is serious about being competitive. Get a spot now, I expect openings won't happen often.
  • _Trotster__Trotster_ Posts: 46
    edited January 2018

    Enough Said...

    Add Trotster on LINE today to become a part of our growing alliance
  • Still looking for some players wanting more from their alliance. Message me on the LINE app @ Trotster
  • We have 2 spots open

    Message me @ Trotster to join an active alliance that has fun!
  • cxdw17kc2qbq.jpeg

    Defender with 16 kills this war!

    Message Trostster on the line app to join in on the fun
  • I not only have the privilege of watching this allianve grow, but i have the honor of playing with a more than capable leader who has led many alliances/guilds to the top of their respective game for years running. This is now my second mobile app game that I get to play with under the Lotus Fam and the hype is real. Apply while you still can!
  • *Update*

    We are now a 5.5mil alliance and growing rapidly

    If you are looking for an active alliance that runs aq 43322 or similar and 3 wars weekly, then look no further

    We are driven to improve and rise up the ranks

    Message Trotster on the line app to apply!
  • Add Trotster on LINE if you wanna join a chill alliance that hits all rewards. We were in the top 6%-20% tier in SA this week!
  • mcoctopmcoctop Posts: 29
    I want to join
  • Medik101Medik101 Posts: 58
    re you still running map 4/3/3/2/2 or have you moved up?
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