Is there going to be a fix on block/parry/dex

OK so prob sound like a broken record but it seems like its getting worse ..I just died to rhino for the first time in months in AQ and yes its day 5 and I know they cheat like bleeds are less and your regen never triggers but since when can they block in the middle of a combo not matter how many hits you do also he broke threw so many of my blocks and parry is way off I mean off by a lot..y'all also change there recover times to throw us off so we have to use more pots ... I dont get it y'all make enough Money on us to have a good smooth game why be so greedy and mess with the mechanics of the game and make it to where you have to Use pots. 80% of the pots I used are because of bugs
Enough is enough when will we have a fix


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  • GillidafGillidaf Posts: 85
    That's what I'm wondering also for month but no fix, they have no problem taking your money tho
  • Gladiator09Gladiator09 Posts: 287 ★★
    I have honestly given up on this game will ever be the same pre 12.0 ...
    Don’t know what happened .. but the amount of issues that are increasing they should seriously change their platform or the issues will remain permanent.
    Players only have so much patience
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    It's bad, always get my block broken. I'm a2/half year player, will quit soon because kabam compiles **** on top of ****. It won't ever end. Now autoblock block is their thing and unavoidable damage. Just lazy
  • Iv been playing since that Deadpool deal. Been a while. They don’t tell you ****. We notify them of issues and then they go offline. Try and fix it.
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    I'm just confused by it and it throws my game off so much that its becoming less fun because I'm more worried about it parry or Dex will even work right which it dont a lot .. Not just in AQ & aw its act 5 also ...they break through your block in act 5 when they do this 4 hits your dead it sucks cause you have to use pots that you really need later for bugs the game is no where as smooth as it was a few months ago
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    Because of this spending has stopped. I can live with bugs here and there..Not control lag related. Proper control of your character is tantamount to in game participation. Take player participation away and you are left with a **** game, displaying pretty things to look at. Not one dime till I know core mechanics are working. Dexterity/parry times are noticably off!!! Right now I'm trying to adapt to it, but when a learned timing pattern alters after a year. It's frustrating for sure. Meaning parry only works sometimes when you are blocking perfectly to trigger parry. How can you adjust your timing?
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    every champ feels like a nc or spidy now. a hulkbuster evaded my last 2 hits of a combo and caught me with a special. a symbiod all of a sudden threw special in the middle of my combo. looks like these are new mechanics with every update n players need to "adapt". ;)
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    I gotta say the past week or 2 ive been gettin alot of champion interruptions myself. Some dropped blocks and while im holding block my champ dash in for a medium or randomly spamming a heavy atk. I dont grind arena much so i havent realized it there. Mainly noticed it in AQ and in act 5 personally...u know right where u dont wanna see it. It is becoming quite frustrating
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