Oneman alliance in War Top 100

Since this topic in the German Forum Apparently No hearing from Kabam, I will try it here ☺ If a revision of the war evaluation is not urgently needed, I propose here a graduation after 5x as a result of not participating in the war by 300 points so the alliances would disappear with only one member. For example, 16th place in the Global War Rating (3119) has only one member, Level 8. These Allianc will stay forever in the top 100 with the current system ... Hope that in this forum to this misery more interest exists and apologize for the bad English (google) 😉


  • LordvanalukarLordvanalukar Posts: 103
    If a review of the war assessment is not urgently needed here, I propose a deduction of 300 points if 5x do not attend, so that alliances with one member would disappear
  • QueqqueeQueqquee Posts: 48
    they probably migrated into another alliance that is in a lower tier to earn "easy" shards.
  • LordvanalukarLordvanalukar Posts: 103
    Yes, but there are gifts for percentage classification,
    we all lose with the system if corpses stay in the ranking
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