Magik. Change to limbo is needed.

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What do yall think about splitting Limbo in to separate parts?

When limbo procs from being attacked or mystic dispersion, she gains the health rewind aspect, but no unavoidable energy damage to the opponent.

When limbo procs from magik attacking, she gains the unavoidable energy damage but does not rewind damage taken during limbo.

This would also help with the "bug" that magik can use a special while power stung from yellow jacket and she rewinds the damage from her own limbo proc making her immune to power stings primary function.


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    A. How is this a “bug” against yellow jacket? Bc her limbo recovers the health taken by your yellow jacket you are attacking with? That’s not a bug. Limbo is her passive ability.

    B. Arch angel, blade, quake, voodoo, magik all destroy magik. Elektra as well. Gwen pool does really well. Granted, on the status immune time, it’s basicay blade as I think kabam screwed up voodoo’s awakened ability as u get zero power control now there and brother Daniel has been acting like a buff/rebuff @Kabam Miike is this “working as intended?” No one has ever responded that I have seen.

    In short, magik is fine. U just need to attack her with different champs.
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    you can also max out pacify (or put some points in it), stun/parry just before bringing her to another bar to reduce chances of limbo. Other than having certain champs that's a decent option.
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    Gully's heal reversal... SP2 comes out limbo she looses health instead of rewinds
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    Magik has so many counters now. I can bring AA, Blade, Dormammu, Doc Ock, BW, GP. Basically anyone with good power control and/or ability accuracy reduction will destroy her.
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    Magik is fine, Blade is fine no changes needed there. Sentry sucks so bad it's embarrassing but that's fine because he's easy to beat with Luke Cage or Spidergwen.
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    Limbo heals the damage taken for a time period after she gets it. Timing it with yjs damage is just playing smart. Same thing as rewinding the recoil damage if you run suicides. Nothing wrong with playing smart
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    Please don't complain about things that aren't broken. Magik has plenty of counters now.
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    Kabam really needs to address Dexterity being a Buff.
    It is beyond crazy that avoiding from getting hit in a fighting game triggers anything.
    The ability to dodge shouldn't be a mastery!

    Please finally fix the nonsense or give everyone 100% chance of perfect block.
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