14mil + Alliance looking for 2 5500 preistge players.

SUA has one opening available immediately for a US-based player. This is a rare opportunity to join a great group of friendly and competitive people! We are currently a top 150 alliance on the global leaderboard of alliance rating!

AQ: We run 65555 bi-weekly in AQ, and 5x5 on off weeks. 65555 places us top 300, and 5x5 places us top 450. Weekly donations are 150k gold, 35k BC, and 14.6k loyalty.

AW: We bounce between tiers 1 and 2 depending on matchups and luck. Spending in close wars is appreciated and encouraged, but never required.

Event Minimums: Standard minimums apply for completion and duels. No minimum for item use, but we always hit all milestones. Twice, we've finished top 10 in item use rank rewards. No minimums for the arena events, but we routinely hit all milestones there as well due to a few featured grinders in our group.

Recruit Requirements: We prefer a minimum prestige of 5500, although small exceptions can be made for very skilled and active players. We use Line to communicate, and value frequent activity and skill over everything else.

Our alliance ID is [SUA.], and you can message any officer there for details, or contact me on Line.

Line IDs zachattack06, StFrancisco, or zerobits
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