400k pi, 5200 prestige player looking to help 7-8 mil alliance

Hey guys,

I'm tired of all the map 55555 pressure and must have unique AW defenders. I just wanna play chill with no stress and help some folks out.

My nick in game and on line is mczout.

Pi is 400k and my prestige is 5200+


  • 1Durr1Durr Posts: 36
    Our alliance name is Super Crazy Fun Time so yeah we're pretty chill but still try to win. AQ maps we're doing 55333 so it really isn't too taxing to get that out of the way. Message me in game or on line if you're interested. Same name as on here. We have a good atmosphere as long as you're active and aren't joining wars/aq and disappearing for 10 hours at a time.
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