Chill but active 8.6 mil ally looking to fill a spot

Play the game well enough you don't need a slow, small beginner's ally to drag your progress down but busy enough you can't make hardcore alliance minimums? Then hop onto [1701E] 501st Battlestar Serenity! We are a steady, 8.6 million rating, 1172 war rating collection of working adults and students. We are active enough to regularly hit minimum SA reqs without holding weeks and max out multiple alliance events for the 250 4* shards. AQ is a major focus on map 5 with map 4 cooldown days, as we are steady in roster advancement and only need the t4cc. AW will be a lesser priority until a paradigm shift occurs due to high cost, low benefit structure currently. Communication is steady and efficient to allow for maintaining all of these achievements

Best part? All of this without any activity beyond what we all normally put in around our responsibilities. We only ask some small donation requirements (usually met from AW and AQ winnings if more of a quester like me), a hero rating of 200K+, and the use of the LINE app for communication. We have a spectrum of players that have done everything from tested popular Mastery trees, complete act 5 completion (at least one path on each map), trounced RoL, and many other high tier accomplishments without heavy or any spending needed! (Personal note: this ally supported me mightily through my first LoL path earlier this month!)

If interested, contact myself, Schubydog or Darthsator in LINE or in-game (same usernames in both).


  • FinlynndFinlynnd Posts: 47
    Bump due to continued searching. All us officers are still considering applicants that can prove themselves willing and able!
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