AQ Rewards Incorrect? - Results in Mail different than Game History, don't line up historically

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We got 35.5 mil in advanced. Mail stated we got rank 845, no promotion (top 700). However, I looked in the Game history for this AQ that just finished, and it shows the same rank and points, and a promotion! I think there is some error. I was very surprised as just 2 weeks ago (we alternate) with 38 mil, we were rank 415. We dropped that much from 415 to 845 with 2.5 mil? We normally need 32+ to promote, but do 35 - 38 and easily promote (rank 415 last time with 38 mil). I wonder if something is not correct.

This week:
m1kx4kpxhwec.jpg (mail, 35.5 mil, 845 rank, no promotion)
5qab7ajbx5p6.jpg (game history, 35.5 mil, 845 rank, promotion)

2 weeks ago:
qcslkdnvla9b.jpg (mail, 38.2mil, 415 rank, promotion)
jfjl8vkybx3d.jpg (game history, 38.2 mil, 415 rank, promotion)

edit: image formatting of 3rd image.

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