1 spot needed for The Chorizo Kings (TCK14)

MSRDLDMSRDLD Posts: 600 ★★★
Come join a fun, talented group of dudes from all over the globe. We help each other grow and learn and have fun doing so as long as everyone participates. We lift members up when they stumble, and we try to send items to each other when asked.

Some details:

Line app a must

Active player a must. If going to be inactive for a day then this must be communicated.

Expert AQ with Map 5x5 with goal to go to 65555 soon. Every BG completes 100% all 5 days!!!

Donations: 100k gold, 30k BC, 13k loyalty

Weekly SA placing usually in 21-40%-tile

Tiers 3/4 in AW

We strive for ranked rewards in event completion, item use, and duels. No arena requirements but it is encouraged.

The Chorizo Kings (TCK14)

Check us out and look for me in game or on Line. Same name as here.
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