Advanced, but not stuffy. Active, but not life. You’ll love it here. 5500 min prestige.

We run map 6 once and sometimes twice a week. You know the dues and all that. The minimum is "play". We have some grinders... We have some killers... We have some nerds. What we have is a great group of guys (mostly "mature") that have been playing this game a long time and enjoy the team aspect of it. No drill sergeants here. We shouldn't need to do that at this level. We expect new comers to engage and interact with the team. We use Discord for comms, which makes that super easy to do. Our skill and achievement level is well above average. Team is at about 12.7 mil right now. Lots of guys have run LOL and one 100% it. That's not relevant, but maybe it gives you an idea of where we're at. Follow this link to Discord and join us for a chat. We look forward to making some new friends.


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